Easy 14 pts
Plan Description
You can set a limit for your bill either 150 LE or 250 LE and pay nothing if you did not make calls or if you used recharge cards.
Minute rate to any mobile or landline is 14 pts.
Plan Type
Plan Fees
Plan Advantages
Fixed cheapest minute rate to all networks.
Additional Comments
Associated Internet Plans
Mobile Internet Bundles
Plan Constraints
Proof that you are cabable of paying the monthly bill (own credit card or a car)
How to enroll
Dial *8444# for 2LE.
Calling Rates
Minute rate to Vodafone 14 piasters
Minute rate to Mobinil 14 piasters
Minute rate to Etisalat 14 piasters
Minute rate to Landline 14 piasters
SMS rate 30 piasters
International rate 1.99 L.E
International SMS rate 99 piasters
Roaming rate 2.3 L.E
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