Stay online and win a MINI Cooper every week
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Promotion Description
There is a change you enter a draw to win one of 5 MINI Coopers when you access the internet through:
- using mobile internet or USB or blackberry packages.
- Subscribing to any of the LINKDSL packages.
For each 1 L.E you spend on any internet usage and the higher the package you subscribe to, the more chances you will get to win.
Promotion Advantages
Additional Comments
For more information please contact Mobinil Customer Support on 16110 for personal customers or 250 for Mobinil Business customers.
All accumulated chances since subscription will be eligible to enter all draws till the end of the offer.
The raffle will take place once every week under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, the winners will be contacted via their registered mobile number to come forward and receive their prize.
Associated Plans
Associated Internet Plans
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Promotion Constraints
This offer is not valid on the 10 L.E. internet package & Facebook package.
USB users must register their contact details on Mobinil info registration or call Mobinil customer care to update their contact details.
You will need to submit a valid National ID or a passport to verify that you are the owner of the winning line for you to be able to receive your prize. If your line is a corporate line, you will need to provide a written approval from the contact person responsible for corporate lines in your company.
Winners who are younger than 18 years old, will need to have one of their parents accompany them upon receiving their prize, to accept it on their behalf.
Mobinil employees & their families up to the fourth degree are not eligible to benefit from this offer.
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