El Browzer
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Mobinil is introducing its new browser for Android users with the following features:
- 30% faster browsing with the Turbo feature.
- Customizing the browser homepage with shortcuts to your favorite websites.
- A list of the top visited websites in Egypt.
- Access to a variety of web applications.
- Download and upgrade for free, while normal data charges apply to browsing.
You can delete the browser anytime from your mobile.
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Promotion Constraints
El browzer eligible with Android 2.3 until 4.0 (Soon above 4.0).
Turbois eligible with Android 2.3 (Soon above 2.3)
How to enroll
Send an empty SMS to 3939 or dial #3939# for free.
You will receive a download, click on it and download the browser for free.
After you download it, you will get a pop-up to upgrade your browser with the Turbo feature, so click it to update
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