ADSL at home
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Subscribe to Vodafone ADSL Express now and enjoy 50% discount for 12 months, starting from first month and get a free router.
For Speed:
512 Kbps, price 95 L.E.
1 Mbps, price 133 L.E for 25 GB.
2 Mbps, price 222 L.E for 40 GB.
4 Mbps, price 333 L.E for 60 GB.
8 Mbps, price 599 L.E for 120 GB.

For current subscribers, you can get 50% offer if you upgrade to higher speed, consider details below:
Upgrade speed from:
512 to 1 and pay 114 L.E instead of 133 L.E.
1 to 2 and pay 178 L.E instead of 222 L.E.
2 to 4 and pay 278 L.E instead of 333 L.E.
4 to 8 and pay 466 L.E instead of 599 L.E.
512 to 2 and pay 159 L.E instead of 222 L.E.
1 to 4 and pay 233 L.E instead of 333 L.E.
2 to 8 and pay 411 L.E instead of 599 L.E.
Promotion Advantages
Get a chance to win iPhone5 for a limited time.
Additional Comments
Free Installation.
Free Vodafone Security Pack (Anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spy ware, parental control and firewall).
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How to enroll
To know your renewal date dial *2375#.
To get the upgrade offer you will have to call 2828 or visit your nearest Vodafone store.

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