Minutes Millionaire
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When recharging your credit whether through scratch cards or E-TopUp, you enter a daily raffle to win free minutes.

Every day there are 5 minutes millionaires, in addition to daily other winners with prizes vary from 60 free minutes and up to 500 thousands minutes.

Winners will receive an SMS informing them that they won and notifying them with the value of the prize on the next day of the recharge.

The free minutes are from Etisalat to Etisalat only and their validity vary according to the amount won
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Promotion Constraints
Line cannot be used for commercial usage or street selling.
Subscribers don't have the right to request any financial redemption for the free minutes.
Subscribers don't have the right to sell the line or change its ownership till the prize's expiry date.
In case of line abuse or miss usage, Etisalat has the right to terminate the prize instantly without any notice.
How to enroll
Only Ahlan customers are eligible to the minutes millionaire promotion.
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