USB Internet 250
Plan Description
For 250 L.E monthly, have 10 GB internet usage at 3G speed.
Speed is downgraded to 64 kbps after the 10 GB.
You can use another 1 GB at 3G speed for 30 L.E.
Plan Type
Plan Fees
250 L.E.
Plan Advantages
Good for Heavy Internet users
Additional Comments
Make sure you have the monthly fee amount in your balance every month as it will be deducted from your account.
You can change you internet plan, but once per month.
Plan Constraints
How to enroll
Buy Vodafone USB online or from any Vodafone store or dealer.
Use scratch cards, charge online or use balance transfer to charge your line.
Contract Period 1 Month
Net Speed 7.2 Mbps
Net Adds On 1 GB for 30 L.E
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